About HealthSecureIT

Serving Healthcare Providers Since 1994

  • Healthcare solutions
  • HealthSecureIT has been serving healthcare providers in the Greater Ohio area since 1994. Formerly Finao IT we decided that 2015 was time to re-brand with a focus on our Healthcare roots.

    Specializing in a Holistic approach to practice and facility security, HealthSecureIT's staff of Security Practitioners and engineers approach every project and aspect from a security-aware standpoint.

    Owners Joel Bigalke and Russell Howell have 40+ years of combined Information Technology and Security experience and are active in national ad local IT security organizations. While Joel focuses on infrastructure security and secure networks, Russ is passionate about employee awareness and utilization of the practice staff as a security asset via proper training.

    Other members of the HealthSecureIT team include a forensic accounting consultant, cloud storage engineer, a social media expert and a police officer with experience within large and small healthcare settings.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Backup
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Secure Network Design
  • Encryption technologies
  • Policy and Procedure
  • HIPAA/HITECH consulting/audit
  • Software Licensing Audit/Compliance
  • Staff Physical Security training

60% of Hacking attacks are against small business with 11-100 employees!

  • 44 percent of breaches

    2013 statistics from the Identity Theft Resource Center were reported in a recent Fortune.com article: 44 percent of all breaches were healthcare related, while financial service breaches were just 3.7 percent (the first time that healthcare industry breaches exceeded all others).

  • Health Care Breaches on the Rise

    29.3 million, patient health records were compromised in a HIPAA data breach since 2009, or 138 percent, the percent jump in the number of health records breached just from 2012. These numbers, compiled in a February 2014 breach report by healthcare IT security firm Redspin

  • HHS major breach healthcare list

    Click the link above to see the list of Breaches Affecting 500 or More Individuals that have been reported. This number is sure to rise. With proper training you can minimize the chance of your name being on this list.