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Participant in HealthSecureIT Elite Program

Your Dental Services provider is a participant in the HealthSecureIT Elite Risk Management Program. Participation in this program involves strenuous annual HIPAA/HITECH audit, Staff training and Continuing Education, Monthly Testing and Evaluation, and Third Party Oversight of the practice’s technology vendors.

Your provider bears costs of this program to help ensure the safety of your Private Healthcare Information, beyond the basic requirements of the HIPAA/HITECH Rule.

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"Just wanted to pass on to you that twice this week 2 separates employees questioned things that didn't seem quite right, and they both said it was because of what Russ said in the Security Awareness Training. So thank you so much for making such an impression on our staff that they are more aware of things to question!" - Lora Meikle, CMOM Office Manager Cherry Westgate Family Practice, Inc.