Secure Networks/VPN

Why you need a Secure Network/VPN

Data is most at risk when "In Transit" this is especially true if your practice has or needs a dedicated connection to a hospital or lab. HealthSecureIT can design or evaluate existing Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Networks and Wired systems.

Under the guidelines of HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, and Meaningful Use, all data that contains PHI or Financial information the is transmitted outside the practice (Date In Transit) is required to be sent in an encrypted format.

HealthSecureIT can provide methods for the practice to accomplish this and meet regulations and guidelines to increase data security and lessen risk. No matter if the need is for secure access to the EHR/PM system by providers working off-site, full time WAN connection of two practice locations, VPN connection to a hospital or lab or simple encrypted email, we have you covered.

Could someone be utilizing a poorly configured wireless network at your practice to access patient and financial information? Is a staff member sending PHI by text or email that is not properly encrypted? If you have Data In Transit, then you need to know!

You can feel confident that your data is protected by the assured technology and security expertise of HealthSecureIT, contact us today for a free evaluation of your VPN and Secure network needs.

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